QuadManage offers a new and innovative system that is essential for service providers given the fact that most of their networks currently consist of existing systems (Legacy) and new competing systems (Over-The-Top). Also, this market is characterized by different communication methods that should be transparent to the user in all different medias (voice, data, video) through convergence, and with the usage of different equipments (cellular phones, set top box etc.), together with preserving the unified user-friendly experience (and also for different social networks).


The essence of QuadManage products innovation is to support with maximum flexibility the market's special technological and commercial needs and its unique and ever-changing business models.


The technological innovation of QuadManage products is based on the implementation of the newly standardized architecture called IMS. Moreover, the innovation of QuadManage products relate to implementing standardized interfaces' protocols such as Radius and Diameter that enable bidirectional communication with new and existing equipments in the communication networks and the end-users’ own equipment.


QuadManage technological innovation allows the combination and integrative adaptation of data and information into existing OSS/BSS systems while supporting new functionality.


QuadManage functional innovation is based on the realization of the new technologies and providing advanced solution to OSS/BSS systems needed by the major players in the telecommunication market that provide NGN Networks based on IMS architecture. The specific new functionality is comprehensively described in the products section.


QuadManage has significant advantage over competitors. Since, the company is already a player in this specific market (and has been for several years now) with existing and recurring customers, it had gained a lot of market-knowledge and experience that will assist it in delivering a new product with a short time-to-market. Also, the company has certified capabilities of being highly professional and having successful sales.


The following diagram shows an example of an IMS and PacketCable™ standards compliant network which uses the eMediate suite products in order to build telephony and multimedia CDRs. Note that this network also utilizes QuadManage's Capricorn RKS product, which is an essential module for PacketCable networks charging and management purposes.

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