QuadManage Overseer Manager is another standalone component provided as part of QuadManage eMediate suite for pre-IMS and IMS environments. QuadManage Overseer Manager is a management module that leverages the unique placement of the CDF and CGF in the midst of the OSS and BSS border to gather crucial data for various BSS/OSS uses such as traffic charts, alarming, performance monitoring etc.

QuadManage Overseer Manager communicates using standard protocols such as JMS and web services based on the TMForum OSS-J for BSS/OSS implementations.

QuadManage Overseer Manager roles:

  1. Performance Monitoring (based on QuadManage Capricorn PM)
  2. Real-time. scheduled and ad hoc Reports generations
  3. Generate real-time & preventative Alarms
  4. Threshold based alarming
  5. CDR analysis

The following diagram shows the various data sources available for QuadManage Overseer Manager which enables it to perform its assigned management roles.


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