QuadManage Overseer Manager contains a web console module, which allows operators to perform essential Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security (FCAPS) procedures utilizing the entire eMediate suite.

QuadManage Overseer Console communicates using standard protocols such as JMS and web services based on the TMForum OSS-J for BSS/OSS implementations.

QuadManage Overseer Console - FCAPS roles:

  1. Faults – handling of faults and alarms from the CDFs, CGFs, Overseer Manager and from their accumulated data. This includes alarm view, acknowledgement, resolution status, notes etc.
  2. Configuration – configuration for all QuadManage eMediate CDFs, CGFs and Overseer servers in a single network. This includes provisioning of all tables and database parameters in these modules.
  3. Accounting – creation of elaborate reports containing subscribers and external operators’ usage over periods of time, based on CDR analysis.
  4. Performance –generation of real-time, scheduled and ad hoc reports and graphical charts showing the performance of different equipment and servers across the service provider's network.


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