QuadManage develops and deploys the following four types of products:

  1. Mediation Devices - collecting various events from all telecom network components in the core network as well as in the applications’ layer
  2. CDR Builder - creating billable CDRs based upon events collected by Mediation Devices. These CDRs are sent to the Service Provider / Operator billing system (BSS)
  3. Network Manager - providing statistics and reports of system Alarming, Faults and Performance data for real-time and offline management. This module can function as a standalone module providing the operations’ team with relevant data and/or as an integrated module into an existing Operation Support System (OSS)
  4. Preventive Maintenance - locating performance degradation based upon Call Generator and pre-defined thresholds

QuadManage’ products are targeted for Quad Players facilitating the operation of the emerging IMS-based networks and fully comply with the various IMS standard bodies: 3GPP, ITU-TSPAN, and CableLabs (CDF / CGF).

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