CDRs produced by QuadManage eMediate Charging Data Function (CDF) are transferred immediately to QuadManage eMediate Charging Gateway Function (CGF). The CGF acts as a gateway between the 3GPP network and the Billing Domain. It uses the Bx interface for the transfer of CDR files to the Billing Domain. The entity relationship between the CDF and the CGF is m:1, i.e. one or more CDFs may feed CDRs into a single CGF.

QuadManage eMediate CGF roles:


  1. Accept CDR files – QuadManage eMediate CGF accepts specific NE CDRs from multiple CDFs via DIAMETER Ga protocol in near real-time.
  2. Correlate CDRs – each session may be comprised by multiple CDRs which the CDF creates out of charging events of different NEs. QuadManage eMediate CGF correlates the different CDRs using a mutual session ID into single CDRs which, via preferred configuration, containing data from all the CDF session CDRs
  3. CDR fields validation, correction and enrichment – based on predefined sets of roles and valid entry possibilities
  4. Persistent CDR storage – the CGF may be used as a persistent database for its own CDRs as backup for the billing domain.
  5. CDR routing and filtering - storing CDRs in separate files based on filtering criteria such as CDR type, CDR parameters, originating CDF, etc.
  6. CDR File Management - file creation, file opening/closure triggers according to date/time or file size.
  7. Build CDR files – the CGF prints the new formatted CDRs onto CDR files which conform to the billing system's requirements and which are then ready to be transferred onward to any northbound clients such as billing, fraud detection, prepaid etc.
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