QuadManage product suite address these challenges by leveraging billing mediation products into accurate and efficient management tools for OSS and BSS layers.

IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) environments bring greater flexibility to service providers; operators and carriers networks mainly given its distributed architecture approach, yet it holds new daunting challenges:


  1. Transition, operation and management of distributed architecture
  2. Collection of charging information from various IMS network elements
  3. Support revenue generation from IMS services utilizing Business Support Systems (BSS)
  4. Allow for significant reduction in CapEx/OpEx
  5. Improved competitive positioning and keep ahead of Over-The-Top (OTT) competitors (e.g. google, skype, etc.) by providing high availability, customer care and QoS

To overcome the technological challenges posed by IMS, and to fully exploit the potential of IMS services, service providers require OSS/BSS architecture and systems that support its tenets: rapid time-to-market, flexibility and reduced operating expense.

Having a functional and accurate OSS/BSS is crucial for the carrier since the business support systems manage IMS applications and transform IMS services into revenue.

Most of the IMS services are much more complex than traditional service offerings so again the challenge of collecting the required information is not trivial. The services are often bundled or converged with other services, such as video-sharing calls and push-to-talk over cellular, and can require real-time handoffs between networks and internal systems.

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