QuadManage management solution for Service Providers enrich existing OSS/BSS platforms with tools for better analysis, management and control of highly distributed networks by performing proactive actions

Feb 10, 2011, Raanana, Israel – QuadManage announces its innovative eMediate™ products suite - a mediation and management solution for pre-IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystems) and IMS distributed networks.

“Nowadays more than ever, quad-play carriers and service providers face decisive challenges in managing their networks infrastructure which is all-embracing and expanding with exponential growth rates,” said Shlomi Shor, Vice President at QuadManage. “Investing on advanced, next generation support system platforms is the only way to meet these challenges, however the value of deploying and running complex operating and billing support systems depends not only on the service provider, but equally on accurate and efficient management solutions.”

QuadManage focuses on delivering best-of-bread mediation and management solutions for distributed network environments that are pre-IMS/IMS architecture based and comply with TMForum standards (e.g. NGOSS). QuadManage mediation products allow operators to keep ahead of competition continuously by maintaining high-availability of quadruple-play voice, internet, video and mobile services to enterprise and residential subscribers over any broadband network resourcefully.

QuadManage mediation platform – eMediate - collects charging information from all network entities, correlates it into rich XDRs (Extended data records) and forwards them to any BSS via CDF (Charging Data Function). While Overseer Manager – a network management platform - gathers and manipulates crucial real time OSS data for traffic analysis, alarming, preventive maintenance and performance monitoring using CGF (Charging Gateway Function).

By focusing on network efficiency QuadManage enables service providers to address their subscribers not just as a customer but also as a partner with means for generating more revenues for both sides (Telco 2.0 approach).

You’re invited to meet QuadManage at GSMAMobileWorldCongress2011 in Barcelona, February 14-17, and at CTIAWIRELESS2011® in Orlando, FL, March 22-24.

At Glance
Founded in 1990 Israel, QuadManage is pioneer in designing, developing, and delivering Mediation/Management Products incorporated in next generation support system platforms. QuadManage’ suite of products, bridge between core quad-play telecom networks and application layers, and existing operation and billing support systems (OSS/BSS) in pre-IMS/IMS environments allowing for accurate and efficient networks at reduced CapEx/OpEx.

To learn more about QuadManage please visit www.quadmanage.com

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