QuadManage is pioneer in designing, developing, and delivering Mediation Products incorporated in next generation support system platforms. QuadManage’ suite of products, bridge between core quad-play telecom networks and application layers, and existing operation and billing support systems (OSS/BSS) in pre-IMS and IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystems) environments.

QuadManage has outstanding technical and business expertise as well as and vast know-how in the telecommunications industry and marketplace. Understanding service provider business goals and company mentality, offering resourceful management and mediation skills, all contribute in influencing the value and lifecycle of OSS/BSS solutions.

QuadManage mediation products in combination with the company’s professional services enable telecom service providers to efficiently utilize various data generated by any network components for Call Detailed Record (CDR) creation, for reports and statistics of overall system performance, alarming, and fraud management, as well as for accurate maintenance.

QuadManage’ mediation products allow operators to continuously keep ahead of competition by maintaining high-availability of quadruple-play Voice, Internet, Video and Mobile services to enterprises and residential subscribers over any network resourcefully.

Our Mission

QuadManage aims at providing quadruple players the best effort and skill to facilitate efficient operation, maintenance and management of pre-IMS and IMS distributed environments, while leveraging existing OSS/BSS and allowing for rapid roll-out of ever-evolving competitive applications.

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